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About us


Who We Are


iBrook Infotech is an Information Technology company focused on consulting, technology and software solutions – predominantly cloud based solutions.Our journey started in 2012 with the intention to help SME clients realizing the potential and new way of doing business into the cloud and creating new business value through cloud enabled business transformation and adoption resulting in attracting new customer segments, new revenue streams or even changing their role within an existing industry ecosystem.We are actively engaged in Construction and Real Estate, Healthcare, Restaurants, and educational institution projects and mobile application development.


What people say about us


Our mission is to provide high quality, reliable IT solution and services to help our clients improve their business & operational efficiencies by implementing innovative and cutting-edge technologies. Our Strategy is to help clients confidently realise the benefit of cloud and start navigating their journey to the Cloud with best derived cost efficiencies with paradigm shift offers.


Our vision is to target SMEs and gradually large enterprise clients and on helping them consistently achieve the best ROI and gaining a huge level of success on their business.Our purpose is to help create lasting relationships and best utilized emerging technology solutions to enrich client’s business growth and value from the flow of our comprehensive support and services.


Our team consists of highly motivated and passion driven individuals with inquisitive knowledge on cloud based solutions and exhibit tremendous enthusiasm in development and implementation of quality software products and professional services in terms of delivering in depth commitment and dedication towards the customers requirement and satisfaction. Our team uses a proven methodology to consistently produce application development solutions for our clients.