M-commerce is changing the world of retail

Know? M-commerce is changing the world of retail.


Mobile Phones are changing the World of Retail – at a Remarkable Speed. M-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services through wireless handheld devices like smartphones, tablets.M-commerce keeps us in touch with the world wirelessly by the help of satellites unlike e-commerce usually connected to internet by help of wires. However "E-Commerce and M-Commerce are imperatives for Modern retail".


  • Goldman states that There Will Be as Much Mobile Commerce in 2018 as E-Commerce in 2013 and most of it will come on tablets, they say.
  • EBay and PayPal to report $20bn each in 2013 m-commerce, mobile payments
  • M-commerce to quadruple to $31bn in next five years
  • Mobile traffic on e-commerce sites doubles in nine months

    This is a fundamental shift in consumer behavior and retailers have a unique opportunity to move quickly and take advantage of the true power of mobile.