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It’s essential that organizations develop learning strategies to ensure staff skills, knowledge and experience remain relevant and valuable. E-learning can play a significant role in organizational learning strategies and have a major impact on organizational performance.

The emergence of mobile devices and the social web has added a new dimension to the e-learning experience.

iBrook offers value added services with domain specific expertise in custom eLearning solutions, enterprise learning, blended learning solutions, eLearning technology & learning support.

Our e-learningdomain expertise in areas including:

  • Compliance and awareness
  • Onboarding/induction and apprenticeships
  • Sales and product knowledge
  • Customer service
  • Leadership and management
  • Process and technical training
  • Safety and operational

    Used in the right way, e-learning supports collaborative learning by connecting people together and building learning networks. These communities of practice promote knowledge sharing as an integral part of business activity and an important means of creating a competitive advantage.